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Due to COVID-19, the number of our support staff has decreased. Phone and live chat support hours will be shortened until further notice.

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You can find online chat on FashionTIY's app(Android /iOS ) or fashiontiy.com. In most cases, you will get a reply within a few minutes during working hours.
Working Hours: 8:00- 21:00 (UTC+8:00) China Standard Time
The time corresponding to different time zones, Here is the approximate equivalent time:
Working Hours
China - Beijing
8:00 - 21:00
US - New York
20:00 - 9:00
UK - London
1:00 - 14:00
Europe - Paris
2:00 - 15:00
You can get more information about time zone synchronization problems in different countries and regions at Time.is or zeitverschiebung.net.
Usually you will receive a reply within 12 hours.
If you email us about orders or products, please be sure to indicate the order number or product SKU in the content.

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