Types of cash coupons:

  • Freely collected coupons. Please fills in the obtained CODE to get a coupon. Please click "Account" - "Coupons" - "APPLY A COUPON" and enter the CODE to get the coupon.

  • Targeted coupons. The coupons provided by the system to specific users do not need to be collected by the users.

Amount of cash coupon:

Each coupon will have a different amount. After receiving or obtaining it, users can log in and click "Account" - "Coupons" to check.

Using cash coupons:

Before paying for the order, the system will automatically display the available coupons.

If there are multiple coupons that meet the conditions of use, users can choose the appropriate coupons themselves.

The system cannot select a coupon that does not meet the conditions of use.

Warm Tips

All coupons are only valid for the total amount of the products, excluding shipping costs.

For example, "$15 off order over $200" means that the system will automatically discount $15 when the total amount of the products of the order reaches $200.