Coupons & Discount

The coupon is the only way to enjoy discounts in FashionTIY

What type of coupon does FashionTIY offer?

FashionTIY currently offers two types of coupons:

1.Amount deduction coupon

For example: $5 OFF WHEN ORDER>$100, it means a $200 order will eventually pay $195.

In most cases, the coupons you use are of this type

2.Discount coupon

For example: 5% OFF WHEN ORDER>$100, it means a $200 order will eventually pay $190.

Where can I find the coupons?

  1. We often provide the coupons for specific activities, such as the Christmas sale or new year sale. You can find the coupon code here.

  2. VIP Membership can automatically get multiple coupons every month.

  3. In case of agreement with you, we may use specific coupons to make up for your losses when after sale.

Attention: You usually only get the COUPON CODE(for example: wholesale15), which needs you to apply it for coupon in FashionTIY.

You can click "Account" - "Coupons" - "APPLY A COUPON" and enter the CODE to get the coupon on APP or PC.

How to use the coupons?

Actually the system will automatically select the best coupon for you in the shopping cart. You don’t need to care anything about coupons.

The following is the basic rules of coupons:

  • The shopping cart is the only place where you can use your coupons.

  • Only one coupon can be used per order

  • The coupons are only valid for the total amount of the products, excluding the shipping fee.

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