After-Sales Service
We try our best to ensure that the products you purchase can meet your requirements with strict quality control and careful packaging, but it is always impossible to be 100% satisfied.
We make it easy for everyone to return and refund. The following is some questions you want to know:

How long do I have before request after-sales service?

We provide 7 days of after-sales service for all orders.
Starting with the date you sign for the order or the delivery date provided by the logistics company. You will no longer enjoy after-sales service 7 days after the order is delivered or signed.

Situations are covered by after-sales service

Following are some practical examples of what is covered by after-sales service:
Situation: Some products you purchased in FashionTIY have quality problems or are broken within shipping?
Answers: In most cases, we will refund you the products in full.
Situation: You did not receive your package?
Answers: In most cases, we will help you track the package at first. If it is determined that the package has been lost, we will refund the full amount for you.
Situation: Some products do have not enough quantity
Answers: In most cases, we will refund you the missing products in full.
Limited to inventory or the production cycle of the factory, some products may be temporarily out of stock. Normally, we will automatically refund these items for you, it's also free. If you can't accept it, please contact us or remarks when placing an order.

Situations are not covered by after-sales service

Due to the high cost of international logistics and customs duties, the refund is not covered by after-sales service when meeting the following situations:
  • Don't like the products received or think the quality is not satisfactory.
  • The wrong size or color was selected.
  • The delivery address is not accurately provided by the customer.
  • The consignee's phone is always unanswered, and cannot get in touch via email, phone, social media, etc.
  • The customer's failure to cooperate with customs clearance causes the package to be destroyed by the customs.
  • The customer requested that the package be placed in the garage or outside the door, causing the package to be lost.
For non-quality problems or quality problems without valid evidence, we will not accept returns in any way.

How can I request a refund?

There are two ways for you to request a refund for your order:

Request a refund on App

So far, we have only provided an after-sales function in the app(Android/iOS). PC is not supported for now. You can request a refund by yourself on the mobile phone.

Request a refund by customer service

If your situation is more complicated, please contact us via Online Chat.
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