FashionTIY Reviews

You can find the reviews of FashionTIY in Google Play Reviews or App Store Reviews.

Where can I find the reviews of FashionTIY?

Dear friends:

You can find the reviews of FashionTIY in Google Play Reviews

or App Store Reviews.

As of December 2021, we have received about 2600 comments in total. The overall score has been floating between 4.6-4.9.

FashionTIY values every review you make, whether it is positive or negative.

Recently, when we tried to contact the friends who gave a negative review to solve their problems, we found that many people did not register an account in FashionTIY or provided the wrong contact information for us. Most of those reviews are suspected of malicious competition from our competitors. We have reported this situation to Google and Apple. We hope those reviews will not interfere with your fair judgment.

How does FashionTIY handle negative reviews?

We usually respond to all positive and negative reviews. When we find a negative review, we will do the following:

  • Reply to your negative review in time.

  • If your review is related to after-sales, we will arrange a special customer service to contact you to solve your problems.

Every voice in review will get the response timely.

In fact, when you encounter problems when using FashionTIY's services, contacting our customer service will be the fastest and most convenient solution.

Thanks a lot for the negative reviews given by the wholesalers. Your criticism made us aware of our shortcomings and gave us the impetus and reason to continue our efforts.

Thanks also for more positive reviews. Meeting your needs is our greatest happiness.

Keeping you 100% satisfied has always been the biggest goal of our customer service, just contact us.

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