FashionTIY do not accept any disputes without communication.

Please note that when your order is lost or damaged, please contact us first via email or online chat for after-sales service.

When you place an order, it means that you have agreed to the following terms by default:

  • Affected by COVID-19, currently, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. implement contactless delivery. The courier will call you in advance and the package may be placed at the door, hallway, or garage. Please pay attention to answering the phone in order to receive the package in time. If the package is lost because your phone cannot be connected, you will voluntarily bear all losses and liabilities.

  • If consignee information is inaccurate or incomplete, the package will be destroyed by the logistics company or customs because it cannot be delivered, and you will voluntarily bear all losses and liabilities.

  • When your package arrives at customs, it is likely to be levied a certain percentage of tariffs. If your package is returned or destroyed due to unpaid duty, you will voluntarily bear all losses and liabilities.

  • Please avoid using the delivery address with "P.O.BOX". If the package cannot be delivered due to this, you will voluntarily bear all the losses and liabilities.

  • If you haven't received the package for a long time, please contact us first, and we will actively cooperate with you to track the package. If the logistics company lost your package, we will refund you and make a claim to them. However, if the package is not lost and still in transit after checking with the logistics company, you will voluntarily wait and waive the right to dispute.

  • If your credit card or Paypal is stolen by others and paid the order, please contact us immediately to close the order to avoid property loss.

  • We cannot accept any free after-sales service requests that exceed 7 days after the package is delivered and the resulting payment disputes.

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