Order and Payment

FAQs about order and payments you need to know in FashionTIY. Please read it before you pay. When you pay for the order, it will be deemed to accept our payment policy.

How to place an order and pay?

Our products are sourced from all manufacturers that have contracted to cooperate. Although we have work hard to supervise and check the quality, each buyer has different requirements for quality, so before you place a larger order, please place a samaller order first to ensure that the product quality and delivery cycle are within your expectation.

You can place your order on App(Android / iOS) or Website.

There are three steps to cpmplete an order:

STEP-1: Filling in correct Receiving Information

Please make sure to provide a complete consignee name, accurate delivery address, and telephone number to ensure package safe and in time delivery.

Avoid abbreviation in your name. For example, the name should be "Harry Potter", not "Harry P".

STEP-2: Choosing the shipping method

We support different logistics methods for different countries. Please choose the one that suits you best according to the delivery cycle range and shipping cost.

Please note that many logistics companies currently do not support delivery to addresses with "P.O.BOX". So, in order for your package delivered in time, please do not use this type of address.

You can choose the shipping method according to your actual needs, And the shipping fee will be calculated for you automatically.

STEP-3: Pay the order with Credit Card or PayPal

Our payment system is supported by Stripe and PayPal, just like Facebook/Amazon/Wish. So please rest assured that your payment is absolutely safe.

FashionTIY supports almost all common payment methods:

  • Credit Card payment, including MasterCard / Visa / JCB / AMEX /Discover and other mainstream credit cards.

  • PayPal payment.

  • Apple Pay (Only for iPhone/iPad)

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the order is successfully paid.

Your order should be paid within 24 hours, or the system will automatically close it.

FashionTIY payment system is the same as Facebook/Amazon/Wish and other many platforms, our payment is supported by Stripe to ensure enough safety of your fund account. Visit Stripe Support for more details.

FashionTIY does not have any authority to hold and deal with the payment issue of your credit card or PayPal. Therefore, you should complete the payment by yourself. If any issues arise regarding your credit card transaction, please contact your credit card company for assistance. We cannot take any responsibility for any credit card payment issues.

Order processing and shipping tracking

After you place orders and payment, all packages will be sent to the logistics center after sorting, quality inspection, packaging, and sealing.

Since the products come from different warehouses and suppliers, according to the actual situation of the products you purchase, you may encounter the following problems:

  • Your order may be canceled by the system

  • Your order may be out of stock

  • Your order processing time may be more than 8 working days

  • Your order may be sent out in batches/packages

According to different products quantity and different suppliers, the time of order processing will be different.

Cancel order or order be canceled

Usually, the order can be canceled for free within 24 hours after you paid successfully, and the money will be returned according to the method you paid.

  • Orders can be canceled for free within 24 hours after payment and a full refund.

  • Orders can be canceled within 24-72 hours after payment, but need to pay 30% processing fees.

  • Orders cannot be canceled over 72 hours after payment or have been shipped.

When the system detects that your order has payment risk and the possibility of credit card fraudulent use, the system may automatically close orders to avoid the Payer's accidental loss. If you find that there is a misjudgment in the system, please contact us via Online Chat in the FashionTIY app or website.

Out of stock or damaged

There are the following reasons for some products out of stock or damaged:

  • The out-of-stock of warehouses or suppliers.

  • Found products lack part, damaged or defective during the quality inspection process.

We usually deal with it as follows when your product is out of stock:

  • Try to restock for you

  • Redeem the corresponding amount of Credit Coupon according to the order requirements

  • Contact you to exchange other products according to the order requirements

  • Direct refund for damaged products (after receipt of evidence such as photos)

Order processing timeout

Your order will normally be delivered to the logistics center for shipping within 2-8 working days after payment. The time is based on working days, weekends or holidays will be postponed.

Please note that the order processing time cycle will be extended when you encounter the following situations:

  • The products in your order are out of stock or damaged, and we usually need extra time to deal with them.

  • The quantity and types of products in your order are too large, we need more time for quality inspection and packaging.

  • The processing of the order will also be delayed if you cannot be contacted due to some special circumstances.

Products shipment in batches/packages

Your product will usually be shipped in the same package, but there are some special circumstances:

  • When the quantity of products is large, reasonable package splitting will help you reduce a lot of tax expenses.

  • When your order contains special products, such as liquids /electronic products, these products cannot be shipped by air cargo and need to be split packages to different logistics methods.

  • When some products in your order are out of stock or quality, we may send your packages into multiple batches to avoid the situation that the package cannot be shipped on time due to some product anomaly.

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