Order and Payment

FAQs about order and payment you need to know in FashionTIY.

How To Placing Order And Pay?

You can place your order on App(Android / iOS) or Website. Placing an order can be divided into the following three steps:

STEP-1: Choosing the delivery address

Filling in the correct delivery address will help you receive the products in time.

Please avoid using uncommon wording, which will cause confusion for the deliveryman.

STEP-2: Choosing the shipping method

FashionTIY supports Standard Shipping and Priority Shipping services in most countries and regions.

Some countries only support Priority Shipping

In most cases, the Standard Shipping takes more time, but lower price. And the Priority Shipping takes less time, but a higher price.

You can choose the shipping method according to your actual needs, And the shipping fee will be calculated for you automatically.

STEP-3: Pay the order with Credit Card or PayPal

Our payment system is supported by Stripe and PayPal, just like Facebook/Amazon/Wish. So please rest assured that your payment is absolutely safe.

FashionTIY supports almost all common payment methods:

  • Credit Card payment, including MasterCard / Visa / JCB / AMEX /Discover and other mainstream credit cards.

  • PayPal payment.

  • Apple Pay (Only for iPhone/iPad)

The payment methods of supported

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the order is successfully paid.

Your order should be paid within 24 hours, or the system will automatic close it.

FashionTIY payment system is the same as Facebook/Amazon/Wish and other many platforms, our payment is supported by Stripe to ensure enough safety of your fund account. Visit Stripe Support for more details.

FashionTIY does not have any authority to hold and deal with the payment issue of your credit card or PayPal. Therefore, you should complete payment by yourself. If any issues arise regarding your credit card transaction, please contact your credit card company for assistance. We cannot take any responsibility for any credit card payment issues.

Order Processing And Shipping Tracking

After your payment is completed, the rest is our work. The following diagram simply shows how the process of your order:

processing order

All orders will be delivered to the logistics center after sorting, quality inspection, packaging, sealing and other processing.

According to different products quantity and different suppliers, the time of order processing will be different.

Due to the particularity of personal protective products during the COVID-19, the products cannot be canceled after payment.

How To Cancel Order?

You can cancel your orders before the order begin to process by yourself on App(Android / iOS) or Website.

Once your order is processed, FashionTIY will no longer accept unconditional cancellations, and maybe a 30% processing fee of the total amount of the order will be charged for closing the order. The actual rate depends on how much is lost because of your cancellations.

Orders already shipped cannot be canceled.