Getting Started

User guide for new users of FashionTIY

FashionTIY - The best B2B online wholesale market for wholesalers and retailers

1.Visit our website or download our apps

If you didn’t know FashionTIY before, please start from the following ways:

2.Register an account and Login

We provide the following ways for you to register FashionTIY:

  • Register by Email

  • Register by Google account

  • Register by Facebook account

We recommend that you register FashionTIY by Email

We strongly recommend that you apply for becoming our VIP Membership. It is completely free at this stage. A member will enjoy many other additional services:

  • Get multiple free coupons every month

  • Priority rights of customer service

More informations pleasure visit VIP Membership

3.Find the products you want to purchase

We provide the following ways for you to find the products you want:

  • Search the products by keywords like 'dress'

  • Through category to find products accurately

  • Through the activities on the homepage to find products

If you can not find the product you need, please contact us and we will provide one-to-one customer service for you.

The differences from other online wholesale platform's products:

1.All products are self-operated of FashionTIY

You don‘t need to identify who is the most trustworthy suppliers from 1,000+ suppliers when purchasing, we already do it for you.

2.100,000+ non-repeating products

All our products are non-repeating. You don't need to spend energy to distinguish and think "Are the products in these two stores the same? Are their materials the same? Why is there such a big gap in the price?" Etc.

3.A lower price with the same quality

Saving 40%+ cost on average for you compared with the other online wholesale markets. Here are the reasons:

  • We can get the lowest factory price of the product because of the stable cooperation with factories.

  • No need to pay expensive store and advertising fees for wholesale platforms such as Alibaba.

  • We have lower shipping costs as a major customer of DHL / UPS.

4.Add to shopping cart

Find the products you want to purchase and add them to the shopping cart.

We provide the following characteristic services:

  • Different purchase quantities correspond to different wholesale prices. More purchasing, more saving.

  • Most products have no MOQ limit.

  • Product customization services. Including custom packaging, custom size, custom printing, etc.

The shipping fee is not included the subtotal of the shopping cart. It will be calculated automatically after you select the receiving address and shipping method when you placing an order.

About shopping cart, you need to make sure the following things:

  • Check the product and quantity that you want to purchase

  • Make sure already chose the coupon you want, even the system has automatically selected the best coupon for you

No more questions? Let's go to place an order.

5.Place order and payment

Placing an order can divided into the following three steps:

STEP-1: Choosing the delivery address

Filling in the correct delivery address will help you receive the products in time.

Please avoid using uncommon wording, which will cause confusion for the deliveryman.

STEP-2: Choosing the shipping method

FashionTIY supports Standard Shipping and Priority Shipping services in most countries and regions.

Some countries only support Priority Shipping

In most cases, the Standard Shipping takes more time, but lower price. And the Priority Shipping takes less time, but a higher price.

You can choose the shipping method according to your actual needs, And the shipping fee will be calculated for you automatically.

STEP-3: Pay the order with Credit Card or PayPal

Our payment system is supported by Stripe and PayPal, just like Facebook/Amazon/Wish. So please rest assured that your payment is absolutely safe.

FashionTIY supports almost all common payment methods:

  • Credit Card payment, including MasterCard / Visa / JCB / AMEX /Discover and other mainstream credit cards.

  • PayPal payment.

  • Apple Pay (Only for iPhone/iPad)

The payment methods of supported

6.Order Processing and Shipping tracking

After your payment is completed, the rest is our work.The following diagram simply shows how the process of your order :

processing order

You can track the order's progress on the App(Android / iOS) or Website

According to different products quantity and different suppliers, the time of order processing will be different.

Any questions about your order, just contact us

8.Delivery and After Sales

The products through the numerous hills and streams and finally arrived at your door. Just open it and check the products now.

If you find any problems such as product damage or omission, please don’t worry:

We provide 30-days free after-sales service for all orders.

The period starting with the date of the you signed off the order from the logistics company.

We will negotiate with the supplier on your behalf to ensure your interests.

9.The ending is always another beginning

The ending of every good service is the beginning of another good service.

We have helped many customers save on average 40%+ of purchasing cost, greatly improve the profit margin of the business. At the same time, we will free you from the tedious daily purchase, so that you have enough time and energy to accompany your family.

So if you happen to need a similar service, why not try it?

If you want to know more information about FashionTIY, you can find the answers here: